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Harley Chase

​ McDonald’s Introduces Customization to Increase Sales

The fast food giant has recently introduced a self service kiosk that allows customer to to customize their burgers with unique topping and specialty buns using their “Create Your Taste Platform.” According to Business Insider, McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) sees these kiosks as an opportunity to drive sales as more and more customers are seeking customization in menus.

The customizable kiosks will cost each franchisees between $120,00 and $160,000 to bring into their restaurants and they can only be used in stores, not through the drive through. This is an interesting move for McDonald’s as Business Insider reports as much as 70% of the business’ sales come from drive-thru orders. There will be a customizable menu available through the drive-thru, but it will be very limited compared to the kiosk customization options. The customize burger meal can cost as much as two Big Mac meals and will take longer to prepare than the familiar fast paced style they are known for.

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